This is the third of four episodes in ArchitectChats’ “Dissecting the Code” series examining the intricacies surrounding a topic that every architect needs to know: building codes. Listen to the first episode, “Raising Expectations” here, and the second episode, “Energy Essentials for Designers,” here.

Many architects get their first taste of buildings codes during their first office job or on the jobsite. Though building codes may seem intimidating initially, one must remember that they exist not to stifle design creativity, but to ensure the safety and well-being of a structure’s future occupants.

In this episode of ArchitectChats, Cheri Hainer, a certified building official and permits-and-inspections administrator for the city of Virginia Beach, Va., breaks down some key building code lingo and acronyms that designers should know for all of their projects.

Episode 16: Dissecting the Code, Part 3 – Back to Basics, featuring Cheri Hainer, is available on SoundCloud and on iTunes.