Photography lets architects chronicle and promote their work. But not all photos—and all photographers—are created equal. Below, design and photography professionals lend some advice on finding the right artist, prepping for the shoot, and more.

Finding and Selecting a Photographer
Knowing what kind of photographer to hire requires knowing what kind of photographs a project needs. Francesco Breganze, founding partner of the New York–based interdisciplinary design practice Spazio Primario, breaks those needs down into four categories: editorial, technical, marketing, and photos for internal use.

While more informal photos, such as those for tracking construction progress or issues, can be taken by staff, portfolio or marketing photos require a professional. But when it comes to finding the right person for a specific job, Breganze often relies on design colleagues for recommendations. “You need to find a photographer with your taste, that can reflect the feeling of your project in their photos,” he says. “That is why we constantly pay attention to [who took] our colleagues’ photos in magazines and websites. I think that is the most powerful advertisement for photographers.”