The freshmen in Congress are shaking up the national policy debate. The group includes some polarizing figures, but love them or hate them, you have to give the Class of 2019 credit for sheer chutzpah. They’re forcing us to have important, uncomfortable conversations about issues that plague everyday Americans—and that too many politicians avoid like the plague: housing and healthcare affordability, student debt, and green jobs and infrastructure.

These issues are pivotal to the architecture profession, to the built environment, and to the nation as a whole. So AIA and 2019 President William Bates, FAIA, deserve kudos for the Feb. 8 statement of support for one of the next-gen representatives’ bolder moves, the Green New Deal:

“We applaud the efforts of Congress and its committees this week to find new ways to support achieving a carbon neutral future by 2030, which is critical to our global future. By investing in infrastructure, upgrading the existing building stock, and improving resilience in the built environment, we can make progress towards AIA’s 2030 Commitment goals. However, there’s a great deal of work that needs to be done. AIA encourages Congress to swiftly enact public policies today that will address the dire consequences we’re facing.”