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Five female trailblazers who changed the field of design

Charlotte and Clementine Fiell pick five women who transformed design from their book, Women in Design, and explain what made figures like Apple icon designer Susan Kare and architect Zaha Hadid revolutionary.

via Dezeen
via Dezeen
Augusta Pownall
The recently published book, Women in Design: From Aino Aalto to Eva Zeisel, by mother and daughter duo Charlotte and Clementine Fiell aims to redress the balance of current scholarship about the history of design.”The role of women in design has always been woefully under represented in museum collections and exhibitions as well as in the existing literature,” the authors told Dezeen.

“That was one of the reasons why we decided the time had come to redress the situation and uncover the ‘hidden’ history of women working in the design industry.”

The book features some well-known names including Anni Albers who was the subject of a recent retrospective at London’s Tate Modern museum, Coco Chanel, Lucienne Day and Laura Ashley.

There are also designers whose work might be easy to recognise, but whose names have escaped popular imagination, such as Miaja Isola, whose colourful prints are still used across the Marimekko range today, and furniture designer Grete Jalk, often referred to as “the Grande Dame of Danish Design”.

According to the authors these female designers “were often working with the odds completely stacked against them” in male-dominated industries.

As well as highlighting the often unrecognised work of these designers in fashion, textiles, architecture, graphic, product, industrial and transportation design over the last century, the authors hope that the book will inspire the next generation of designers who are currently studying.

Here are the author’s picks of five women whose work has made a big impact:

Susan Kare "made our computers friendlier"
Susan Kare “made our computers friendlier”

“Susan Kare is one of the great pioneers of on-screen digital design. Not only did she develop some of the earliest successful digital fonts, she also designed the first-ever computer icons for Apple – which helped to establish a new visual language for digital-interface design.

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