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Green New Deal goes global as nearly 100 cities commit to climate action

A coalition of 94 global mayors commits to “turning away from fossil fuels” and meeting Paris Agreement targets.

The Green New Deal is going global.

At the C40 Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, this morning—a gathering convened by the coalition of mayors committed to fighting climate change—leaders announced their intention to support a Global Green New Deal and recognize the “global climate emergency.”

Announced by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the new chair of C40 cities, and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the new initiative signals that leaders of the coalition will reaffirm their environmental commitment by putting inclusive climate action at the center of all urban decision making, fighting for environmental equity, and working to keep global heating below the 1.5°C goal outlined in the Paris Agreement.

The 94 C40 member cities, which span the globe, contain more than 700 million citizens and one quarter of the global economy, per C40 stats, and have taken a variety of actions around transportation, energy, and building codes.

The idea of a Green New Deal has caught fire in the United States, particularly among progressive politicians and activists. One of the politicians most responsible for popularizing this policy vision, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, will be speaking at the C40 Summit Friday at a session about climate activism and citizen engagement, and voiced her support.

“I am inspired by this coalition and the commitments made for a global Green New Deal,” she said in a statement. “If we work to join forces globally, we will be able to defeat our greatest threat and realize our greatest opportunity.”

However, as David Miller, former Toronto Mayor and C40 Ambassador for Inclusive Climate Action, said, the Global Green New Deal is “separate from U.S. politics” and about “driving real change.”

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