The National Architectural Accrediting Board is currently undergoing review and revision of its Conditions for Accreditation and Procedures for Accreditation, two documents that establish the criteria for architecture education and the rules for school accreditation, respectively. Review happens regularly, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it’s just another bureaucratic exercise. But this time around, thanks to enlightened leadership at NAAB, the process is remarkably open and inclusive. Real change is possible.

Drafts of the Conditions and Procedures are open for comment until Nov. 22, at I encourage you to review them for yourself and provide constructive criticism.

Three areas of concentration leap to my mind, namely preparation for practice, commitment to equity, and action on climate change. These issues are obviously all vital, and interrelated—the Venn diagram of prosperity, justice, and sustainability totally overlaps. That said, civilization as we know it depends greatly upon the profession’s response to climate change, so I think it’s safe to say that the principal effort belongs there. (If you don’t understand the urgency, grab a copy of David Wallace-Wells’s The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming (Tim Duggan Books, 2019), which I’m currently reading, for a gut-tightening explanation of the consequences of inaction.)